Not All Witches Live In SAlem

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Not All Witches Live In SAlem


Will the magical bond between sisters change the future of their bloodline?

The council of Montclair has already claimed thirteen innocent souls this moon cycle and Madeleine Dubois will be the fourteenth.

The French village finds itself embroiled in the witch hunt hysteria sweeping across Europe in the late 1600s. Madeleine’s daughters know that their innocent mother will suffer the same fate—guilty or not—there are never survivors.

While still grieving the loss of their mother, Margot, Eloise, and Amelie must hide deep in the darkened woods. But Eloise has a dangerous secret growing within her. With the help of her sisters and protection of the coven, can they escape becoming the council’s next victims?

Selene Arnold’s debut novella is a must-read for fans of Practical Magic.

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Release date is September 25th

Cover art: Rebecca Frank, Bewitching Book Covers

Not All Witches Live In SAlem

Book One



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Salt Lake City

Sept 21-23, 2023

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I'll have a booth at the 2023 Salt Lake City, FANX Event.

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My Oracle Deck

I bought my first deck when I was in middle school, it was the Rider Waite Tarot. I spent so much time studying the cards and trying to read for myself and friends but didn’t quite connect the way I hoped. I had so many questions spiritually and at the time, no answers.

Fast forward, about twenty years later and whole lot of life experiences. A friend of mine suggested the name of a local card reader, when I mentioned that “I used to be into that stuff.” I stressed myself out anticipating the reading, but I do remember my mother’s voice in my dream the night before… “Trust her” was all I could remember when I woke up.

I met the reader and she was the sweetest woman. The moment I stepped into her space, I felt calm and absolutely loved the scent (Later I learned it to be Dragon’s Blood). That experience opened me up to the world of oracle cards, listening to my intuition and learning about my truest self.

Order Yours Here

The experience of creating my very own oracle deck was eye opening. It took the better part of a year, but I'm so happy to share them with the world.

You can order your copy on etsy. My Shop is oldsoulwildwoman

About Selene

Born to a single mother in southeast Asia, Selene moved to the United States and began her adventure. She spent most of her life living near the ocean, graduating in Hawaii. After high school, she moved to the mainland and began her search for her truest self.

A wife, mother of two kids and two fur-babies, she juggles her time between working full time, school (MFA) and family activities.

Late nights or very early mornings (while the household is still sleeping) are spent snuggled up with her favorite blanket and her laptop, developing her next book.

Selene Arnold

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